Jabra Evolve 75 Review

Jabra’s Evolve 75 is a stereo Bluetooth headset for call services with active noise cancellation and great microphone clarity. At $279, it’s not cheap, but it’s designed for business applications and is certified by Skype for Business and Cisco, among others. It’s a very comfortable headset that delivers high-quality audio performance, excellent microphone clarity and better-than-average active noise cancellation. It may be easier to use, but if you need to eliminate noise, this is a great choice.


Unlike many other fancy and bulky headsets, it has a simple design that best suits your business needs. The materials used are of the highest quality and can be felt at the first touch. There are no visible screws or hinges, which looks very different from the industrial design.

To make it lightweight and comfortable, the manufacturer used high quality plastic, rubber/silicone and thin aluminum plates to make the headband. The top of the headband is covered with a silicone material for a perfect fit on the head, while the sides are covered with plastic. Using the same pull-out mechanism as most other headphones, it can be extended for different head sizes.


If you think these are the best sounding headphones in their price range, you’re wrong. Yes, it’s great for listening to music, but if you’re looking for a hardcore music listening experience, it’s still not the most amazing. But it certainly offers something you won’t find on these headphones. It plays crisp, clear vocals with equal clarity and balance to complement the bass. But the highs and lows are so powerful that sometimes the mids take a beating. This is not Jabra’s fault, as I feel the Enterprise headset is optimized for this kind of performance.
Using them as headphones is a great experience, eliminating noise and making speech sound very clear. I find it great for taking long calls, the headset is light and the microphone works optimally. Imagine yourself sitting in an empty room with no external noise at all and talking to someone, that’s how well the Jabra Evolve 75 adjusts volume.

The active noise cancellation is so good that you can’t even hear what someone is doing behind you. You can turn it on and off using the ANC button on the left ear cup, which comes in handy when you want to quickly see what’s going on around you. You can connect up to two devices to the headset, which is one of the few features found in these headsets. Bluetooth range is up to 100 feet for laptops and up to 33 feet for smartphones, again depending on which phone you connect.

Battery life is a major concern when you’re investing this much money in a headset, and the Evolve 75 impresses in this department as well. In my review, it lasted a full day with some battery left. So if you are traveling, you can easily get 14-15 hours of backup. Also, a full charge takes just over 2 hours, so you don’t have to worry if you use the charging cradle.


Whether the Jabra Evolve 75 is right for you depends on your needs. If seamless operation when connected to a computer and phone is paramount, we found the Plantronics Voyager 4220 UC to be a more powerful option. both the Voyager 4220 UC and Evolve 75 offer high-quality audio performance, but if your priorities include active noise cancellation, that’s where the Evolve 75 shines, while the The Voyager 4220 UC has an application that lets you fine-tune settings, voice prompts and overall operability, while the Evolve 75 is designed to integrate with the call service software your business may already be using.

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